Lean Branding: Rapid Brand Development for Product and Service Organizations

In a Lean and Agile world, where we’re rapidly iterating and deploying MVPs, branding is in danger of becoming an afterthought. We don’t spend enough time thinking about how we can add value and increase loyalty by building powerful brands that connect with our customers.

Based on Lean Startup and Lean UX methodologies, Lean Branding helps you develop and test your brand quickly and efficiently so you can find a brand that works for you without a massive investment.

We apply the “build-measure-learn” cycle to the branding process to develop, test and continuously improve a radically stripped-down version of traditional brand guidelines. This gives teams the opportunity to constantly improve the status quo and approach new situations creatively. It ensures that your brand is always in line with the customer's needs and never becomes stale. In a nutshell: It empowers the team while engaging the customer.

This workshop is designed for anyone working on product development of any kind: UX Teams, Designers, Product Managers, Developers, all the way to CEOs. It will provide teams with basic, fun exercises they can do collaboratively to help define their brands rapidly. This allows teams to move forward and create experiences that incorporate these powerful, emotional brands and build loyal customers.

In this workshop, our audience will discover:

  • What a brand really is

  • Why a strong brand is essential to business success

  • How today’s marketplaces have forced change in the branding process

  • How bloated, traditional brand guidelines can stifle your product development

  • The key components of a brand

  • How to develop, measure and maintain your brand

  • Exercises for rapidly defining your brand

All talks and workshops given by Beard Branding are customized for the audience, whether they’re internal at an organization or for a broad audience at a conference.